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1 Dr. Moorhouse, Fort Frances
April 24, 2015 - Rating: 2.75
-works very few hours in his clinic seeing patients therefor follow-up with sick patients is extremely poor -very poor at completing referrals and paperwork causing delays in patient care -calling him callus is sugar coating his rudeness -not a Dr for the elderly or sick Patients
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2 Dr. Baumander, Brampton
April 24, 2015 - Rating: 5
Dr. Baumander has been my Mom's Doctor for many years, She is now 98 years old. He takes us in for an appointment at a minutes notice, and he is a very kind man, much respected indeed.
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3 Dr. Chinnasamy, Stoney Creek
April 23, 2015 - Rating: 4.25
A caring and informed doctor.
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4 Dr. McPhedran, Guelph
April 23, 2015 - Rating: 4.75
She so caring, and really wants you to get the best help for you.
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5 Dr. Yiu, Burlington
April 23, 2015 - Rating: 5
I have anxiety and panic attack issues so going to the dentist was always an ordeal for me. I just started going to this office in the last few months. Yesterday I had to have a root canal and filling done in my opinion it was like a day at the spa from the front desk staff to the assistants and dentists it has been the best experience that I've had with health care specialists. I didn't have to take my medication for my panic attacks like I have in the past. I highly recommend this office. Looking forward to return to have further work done.
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6 Dr. Anjema, Chatham
April 23, 2015 - Rating: 1
I accompanied my mother to Dr. Anjema's office today for an 11:00 appt. We finally left at 2:30. The majority of the clients were quite elderly and many waited just as long as we did. The staff were that sickeningly sweet fake polite that is not at all caring. When one lady stormed out, after being put off time and again, several staff members went into a room beside where my Mom was and proceeded to laugh about her and call her rude. When my Mom was finished seeing the doctor, she POLITELY suggested to the staff member taking her to the booking desk, that perhaps the doctor should book patients farther apart to avoid back ups. She was told that she has other options. That staff member was quite right. We do have other options and we will use them. Waits can happen and are frustrating, but do sometimes happen. What is unacceptable is rudeness in any type of medically related field that should be infused with caring. Shameful.
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7 Dr. Jovey, Mississauga
April 23, 2015 - Rating: 5
Dr. Jovey gave me my life back, ever since I have been going to him, I can function in my everyday life and take care of my two kids and also be able to start my home based business, which gives me the freedom to work when I can, and when I need to take care of my kids I can do that also. He is truly an amazing Doctor and he is always very knowedgeable and helpful with every thing I need to be able to have a semi-normal life. I use to not even be able to get out of bed, but know I am functioning as a single mother of two after a horrible divorce, and he helped me have a life with my kids. I owe him everything for all he has done for me. I would & have recommended him to anyone who goes through Cronic pain and wants help to improve their life. Thank you for everything you do for everyone Dr. Jovey.
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8 Dr. Mayo, Wallaceburg
April 23, 2015 - Rating: 4.75
Have to say Dr. Mayo is great he is looking after the elderly people now at the retirement homes and nursing home he is a very busy man trying to look after everything and everyone in Wallaceburg
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9 Dr. Hanet, Toronto
April 23, 2015 - Rating: 5
Dr. S. H. Hanet has been my family Dr. for over 30yrs. He has delivered and cared for my children and gr. children, I am happy to have him as my GP
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10 Dr. Levin, St Thomas
April 23, 2015 - Rating: 5
I was waiting over 3 wks for mammogram results. Cancer Care Ontario & Ontario Breast Screening were VERY slow to send me the report. I called his office and within an hour, he & his staff called me with my results. Excellent care & understanding. Thank you, Dr. Levin!
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