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1 Dr. Smith, Ottawa
May 26, 2016 - Rating: 5
Excellent, thoughtful, very knowledgeable and always kind and supportive.
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2 Dr. Naher, London
May 26, 2016 - Rating: 5
Wonderful Doctor. Have been seeing her for years without an issue.
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3 Dr. Bozek, Huntsville
May 26, 2016 - Rating: 5
Wonderful person, great doctor for all ages.
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4 Dr. Rozario, Oakville
May 26, 2016 - Rating: 5
Dr.Rozario did my breast cancer surgery. A really caring doctor who does excellent work, much appreciated
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5 Dr. Saini, Kanata
May 26, 2016 - Rating: 5
Dr. Saini is the best in her field. No others compare.
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6 Dr. Langford, Stratford
May 26, 2016 - Rating: 5
Great physician.
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7 Dr. Sweet, Nepean
May 26, 2016 - Rating: 3.75
Dr sweet is a good listener. And helpful. Takes the sting out certain situations by A good sense of humor and sincere concern Knows how to sympathize with fibromyalgia and related symptoms And make you feel he cares he never rushes and is the reason he always is behind schedule. We don't like to waiT, but value hs input.
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8 Dr. Lawler, Carp
May 26, 2016 - Rating: 4.75
Dr. Lawler listens attentively and sympathetically; takes my issues seriously; has very good depth of knowledge. I always feel well looked after when I've seen her and am grateful to have found her.
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9 Dr. Kitai, Toronto
May 26, 2016 - Rating: 5
Extremely compassionate, non-judgemental and ,all around, beautiful human being.
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10 Dr. Small, Maple
May 25, 2016 - Rating: 4.75
Dr small is very caring doctor he referred me very fast for my nick and shoulder issues. he has compassion toward his patients
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