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1 Dr. Daiter, Whitby
February 3, 2016 - Rating: 5
Great family doctor who is very caring about his patients. So glad to have him. Although it is also a walk-in clinic and often busy, it has a pleasant atmosphere by s knowledge staff.
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2 Dr. Green, Rexdale
February 3, 2016 - Rating: 4.25
Dr. Green reminded of Dr. House in his brilliance, witty and charming, but he's not the most hygienic Doctor I've ever seen. He is quick, but always accurate, I guess that comes with experience.
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3 Dr. Tallevi, London
February 3, 2016 - Rating: 5
Dr. Tallevi is amazing I/my family never have to wait for an appointment.
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4 Dr. Weiner, Ottawa
February 3, 2016 - Rating: 4.25
Very lucky to be a patient of his since 1989. He is always kind and knowledgeable and I would recommend him.
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5 Dr. Dalgorf, Toronto
February 3, 2016 - Rating: 5
Dr. Dalgorf is caring and compassionate! He makes you feel comfortable.
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6 Dr. Al-Judaibi, London
February 3, 2016 - Rating: 5
He is very good doctor knows his stuff also He Jokes around
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7 Dr. Chan, Scarborough
February 3, 2016 - Rating: 4.75
He is a very nice doctor for every one.
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8 Dr. Joshi, Orangeville
February 3, 2016 - Rating: 5
Dr. Joshi, Is one of the best Cardiologist in Orangeville. When it comes to heart problems he is right on top of it. His bedside manners are excellent. He will explain everything that is going on and always very pleasant. The staff at headwaters Hospital are wonderful!
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9 Dr. Phillips, Toronto
February 3, 2016 - Rating: 5
Dr. Philips provided me medical treatment this morning at TEGH. He is very kind, knowledgeable. professional and efficient. I am very glad that I went TEGH hospital and had my illness treated by Dr. Philips.
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10 Dr. Sklar, Hamilton
February 3, 2016 - Rating: 5
I saw Dr. Sklar through the emergency department and she was very helpful and thoughtfull. she performed perfectly and followed me up in 2 different floors that I was moved to. I would highly recomend Dr.Sklar
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