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Thank you for your worth while web site. I am happy to report that I found a doctor the very day that I signed up. Many Thanks
Glenburnie, Ontario

Easy to use, and delivers!
Jim B.
London, Ontario

Your site is awesome! I registered today and I was able to find a doctor within the same day in my community. My husband has been waiting for months to hear a response back from health care connect just to obtain a family doctor, and we are happy to say we both found a family doctor together. I will refer this site to family and friends. Thanks again!
Anita M.
Chatmham, Ontario

My nanny has been trying to find a family doctor in Thornhill through Health Connect for 4 weeks. No luck. I think they should stop wasting Ontario tax payers money and put a link to your website. Thank you for trying to help!
Robert O.
Thornhill, Ontario


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I found My Family Doctor within 30 minutes of signing up as a Member. Great Service, keep it up.
Chander K.
Oshawa, Ontario
January, 2014

Created an account about two weeks ago and got an appointment with a Dr in Niagara Falls the next day. I have already had a meet and greet with this doctor and am pleased with the results. Your service has been very helpful.
Judy F.
St. Catherines, Ontario
December, 2013

Just moved to the area and needed a Doctor. It was really easy. I would highly recommend this website.
Julie F.
Oakville, Ontario
November, 2013

Your website delievered. There was a Doctor right around that corner that I didn't know about. Thanks again.
Paul R.
London, Ontario
October, 2013

Found a great Doctor for my wife and me. Thanks.
Phil M.
Etobicoke, Ontario
September, 2013

A great resource. Where was this site 2 years ago ??
Tony B.
Ottawa, Ontario
August, 2013

Found a Doctor for myself and my son right away. Thanks!
Oakville, Ontario
July, 2013

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