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Number of Ratings: 2   Average Rating: 3.25

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Punctuality: 2
Caring/Helpfulness: 1
Knowledge: 2
The Staff: 3
Review Submitted September 28, 2016   OK Doctor Rating !!
You can look things like this up and get an idea bfroee you form an opinion. That is one thing I really like to do. I really never form an opinion base upon what someone told me or talking points. to answer you question I found this.The annual premium that a health insurer charges an employer for a health plan covering a family of four averaged $12,700 in 2008.When you divide the population by the 1.3 trillion figure some claim it will cost to start Obamacare it figures out to about $17,000.00 for a family of four. That looks like a net loss of $4300. Enough to insure another family member.
Punctuality: 4
Caring/Helpfulness: 3
Knowledge: 4
The Staff: 4
Review Submitted April 14, 2013   OK Doctor Rating !!
Grade A stuff. I'm unqutesionalby in your debt.
Punctuality: 2
Caring/Helpfulness: 3
Knowledge: 3
The Staff: 3
Review Submitted April 12, 2013   OK Doctor Rating !!



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