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Nutrition: 5 Reasons You Should Eat Tomatoes Every Day

 They are the original superfood Long before anybody had used the term “superfood” nutritionists knew that one serving (1 cup) of raw tomatoes contained good sources of Vitamins A, , B6, C, K, folate, and potassium, that they were l ... read more >>

Posted September 24, 2015 by Carolyn Eagle

Health and Wellness: Signs Your Fatigue May Be a Thyroid Problem

 The thyroid is a small gland but it can have some big effects on your health when it stops working properly. This small butterfly shaped gland as the base of your neck is responsible for controlling how your metabolism runs, so a problem with y ... read more >>

Posted September 14, 2015 by Carolyn Eagle

Health and Wellness: Back To School Stress Relief Tips for Parents

Even though it’s the kids who are starting a new school year, September brings a shift away from holidays and relaxation for parents too. Here are some tips to ease your way into the new school year stress-free and in-control. SET A BUDGET FOR ... read more >>

Posted August 31, 2015 by Carolyn Eagle

New Doctor Reviews Doctor Reviews

Dr. Ansari, Scarborough - Rating: 5

October 6, 2015
very compassionate, helping and competent doctor he is.
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Dr. Rajagopaul, Niagara Falls - Rating: 5

October 6, 2015
had hernia surgery the Dr. and staff were fantastic no pain at all..
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Dr. Dosaj, Pickering - Rating: 5

September 30, 2015
Dr, Dosaj is amazing ! She's always very helpful and cares about all her patients.
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Dr. Haykal, Ottawa - Rating: 5

September 30, 2015
Dr. Haykall is an amazing physician. She's professional, sympathetic and takes her time to explain everything you need to know. I feel so grateful to have her as my family doctor.
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Dr. Azad, Tecumseh - Rating: 5

September 30, 2015
Great Doctor who cares about his people.
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