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Health and Wellness: Back To School Stress Relief Tips for Parents

Even though it’s the kids who are starting a new school year, September brings a shift away from holidays and relaxation for parents too. Here are some tips to ease your way into the new school year stress-free and in-control. SET A BUDGET FOR ... read more >>

Posted August 31, 2015 by Carolyn Eagle

Health and Wellness: 6 Reasons To Try Massage Therapy

 It is an ancient practice that has survived the test of time. There are writings as early as 3000BC China about therapeutic massage and other mentions have been found in ancient Rome, Greece, India, Japan, Egypt and Mesopotamia   It&r ... read more >>

Posted August 27, 2015 by Carolyn Eagle

Health and Wellness: 5 Surprising Signs of Dehydration

 When the temperatures soar it can be difficult to enjoy the outdoors and still stay hydrated. Although thirst, dry mouth, headache, and decreased urine output may seem like the most tell-tale and commonly known sign of dehydration, here are som ... read more >>

Posted August 20, 2015 by Carolyn Eagle

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Dr. Nikneshan, Toronto - Rating: 1.5

August 31, 2015
Starting off an early morning, he showed up an hour after we were told to be there. He already had his mind made about what was wrong with me. When we asked more about what was wrong he told me google it. He was also extremely arrogant. When I asked questions he just laughed. I understand he went to medical school and earned his degree but maybe he should keep in mind that not all of his patients have. Here's a tip, maybe he should work on his body language because rolling your eyes and crossing your arms makes you look conceited and defensive. Doctors are supposed to be helpful, not egotistical.
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Dr. McQueen, Brantford - Rating: 5

August 31, 2015
I saw Dr. McQueen in emerg at Brantford hospital. She was very professional and open with me. She explained thing very well and was determined to find my problem. She is a wonderful doctor and I'd recommend her to anyone.
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Dr. Clark, Timmins - Rating: 5

August 31, 2015
Very good Doctor caring and compassion staff is delightful and very kind.
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Dr. Dhatt, Sudbury - Rating: 4.75

August 31, 2015
Dr Dhatt has been my Family Dr. for over twenty years and I think the world of her. I have complete faith in the medical care she gives me and hope I never have to get a different Dr. she is a great doctor.
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Dr. Sinnadurai, Scarborough - Rating: 5

August 31, 2015
very kindly deal with patient and take time with patient.
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