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Health and Wellness: The Biggest Signs You Need Your Thyroid Checked

You’ve probably heard of it and may even know someone who has a thyroid problem, but how much do you really know about what the thyroid does in the body? For such a small gland, it can be the cause of some major health problems, so let’s ... read more >>

Posted April 23, 2015 by Carolyn Eagle


The dictionary definition gluten is: a substance present in cereal grains, especially wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough. A mixture of two proteins, it causes illness in people with celiac disease. It’s remarkable t ... read more >>

Posted April 17, 2015 by Carolyn Eagle

Nutrition: Great Protein Sources For the Child Who Wont Eat Meat

Children are notoriously picky eaters and it can be more than a little worrisome when they decide to reject foods that can provide them with essential nutrients. Meat seems to be a big stumbling block with many kids and while there are many health ... read more >>

Posted March 27, 2015 by Carolyn Eagle

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Dr. Moorhouse, Fort Frances - Rating: 2.75

April 24, 2015
-works very few hours in his clinic seeing patients therefor follow-up with sick patients is extremely poor -very poor at completing referrals and paperwork causing delays in patient care -calling him callus is sugar coating his rudeness -not a Dr for the elderly or sick Patients
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Dr. Baumander, Brampton - Rating: 5

April 24, 2015
Dr. Baumander has been my Mom's Doctor for many years, She is now 98 years old. He takes us in for an appointment at a minutes notice, and he is a very kind man, much respected indeed.
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Dr. Chinnasamy, Stoney Creek - Rating: 4.25

April 23, 2015
A caring and informed doctor.
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Dr. McPhedran, Guelph - Rating: 4.75

April 23, 2015
She so caring, and really wants you to get the best help for you.
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Dr. Yiu, Burlington - Rating: 5

April 23, 2015
I have anxiety and panic attack issues so going to the dentist was always an ordeal for me. I just started going to this office in the last few months. Yesterday I had to have a root canal and filling done in my opinion it was like a day at the spa from the front desk staff to the assistants and dentists it has been the best experience that I've had with health care specialists. I didn't have to take my medication for my panic attacks like I have in the past. I highly recommend this office. Looking forward to return to have further work done.
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