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Nutrition: How to Work Fish Into Your Family Meal Plan

We hear the warnings over and over again. Studies repeatedly say that North Americans donít eat enough fish and are missing out on all of those healthy omega 3 fatty acids that are so critical for decreasing bad cholesterol and reducing our risk for ... read more >>

Posted June 5, 2014 by Carolyn Eagle

Health Care News: June is Seniors' Month: Give thanks to the seniors in your life

Another early morning out on the Toronto area roads, off to a Seniorsí Month event in the city. June is Seniorsí Month and one of the busiest months for me, although it goes by fairly quickly with all the activities, celebrations and events that hono ... read more >>

Posted June 1, 2014 by Jackie Hickey

Parenting: Does Your Child Have Asthma

What is asthma? † Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. People with asthma have extra sensitive airways (breathing passages) and certain triggers such as dust, pollen, smoke, or cold air can cause those airways to become red and ... read more >>

Posted April 22, 2014 by Carolyn Eagle

New Doctor Reviews Doctor Reviews

Dr. Ng Tung Hing, Newmarket - Rating: 4.5

June 12, 2014
Excellent Dr. Personable, to the point, sense of humour, explains situation and quick. Appointments are 15 mins.
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Dr. Lathia, Toronto - Rating: 5

June 12, 2014
dr lathia is such a loving gentle human being PEOPLE ARE USING HER IN POSITIONS OF POWER i love her Anita Nobody Murphy Shahin Nobody Murphy
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Dr. Oliphant, Sudbury - Rating: 5

June 12, 2014
If not for his knowledgable and caring of myself in finding my illness, and not related to his field of study I am very grateful and hopefully on my way to recovery, to his staff as well especially Barb.
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Dr. Webster, Peterborough - Rating: 5

June 12, 2014
Dr. Webster is amazing, he has been our family Doctor for close to twenty years and is caring and professional. It is reassuring to know he is there when we need him. Erin his nurse is also wonderful!
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Dr. Bigham, London - Rating: 5

June 12, 2014
Dr. Bigham came to our wedding back in 2011, which was lovely. He has always taken the time out and make sure you understand your stuff.
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