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Health and Wellness: Could You Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Canada has one of the highest rates of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in the world, with an estimated 5 million Canadians sufferers. Significantly fewer seek treatment, whether out of embarrassment or lack of understanding. It is important to speak to your ... read more >>

Posted May 21, 2015 by Carolyn Eagle

Health and Wellness: Are You Just Snoring or Is It Sleep Apnea

Snoring is a common problem that can be caused by anything from allergies to obesity. But how can you know when your snoring has tipped over the line into sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is when your breathing stops or becomes extremely shallow during s ... read more >>

Posted May 15, 2015 by Carolyn Eagle


 If your child seems to develop a cold at the same time every year, they may actually be suffering from seasonal allergies. For my own kids, the big give-away was the clear, runny nose and the itchy watery eyes. Allergies also often come with co ... read more >>

Posted May 8, 2015 by Carolyn Eagle

New Doctor Reviews Doctor Reviews

Dr. Grell, Toronto - Rating: 4.75

May 27, 2015
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Dr. Finkelstein, Etobicoke - Rating: 5

May 27, 2015
A very caring, knowledgeable and wonderful man. I wish there were more Doctor Finkensteins in the medical profession
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Dr. Youssef, Richmond Hill - Rating: 3.25

May 27, 2015
The doctor is great and precise. But the problem is the reception. She never picks up any calls, if you leave a voice mail..she will not follow-up. If you do any walk-ins after 3:30pm, don't expect anyone there as she leaves early pretty much every day. So not sure if you want this kind of personal service for your health needs.
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Dr. Mather, Scarborough - Rating: 4.5

May 27, 2015
The staff very helpful. Excellent Doctor and a wonderful human being.
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Dr. Brymer, London - Rating: 5

May 27, 2015
What a kind and generous man.
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